The Rules of EPCOIN social Media

EPCOIN is one of the most authentic online earning communities, and we keep things running smoothly by enforcing a few rules. Our best users have earned thousands of dollars. By following these rules, you are on your way to joining that top tier of users.

The One Rule to Rule Them All

Play fair, and you’ll earn more: Cheating or spamming gets you banned, and then you don’t get money. Playing fair gets you more followers, likes, and money. In short, here’s what playing fair looks like:

  • Post photos you take yourself
  • Don’t spam comments or links
  • Don’t cheat by making multiple accounts

General Rules

Don't create multiple accounts: One account per person.

If you offer a “Like for a Like,” follow through : Withdrawal requests can be denied to those who promise to like back but don't.

Posting Rules

No Copyrighted Content: Only post photos that you take yourself. Don’t post pictures you saved off the internet.

Do not post only writing every post need quality content with image

Do not post any screenshot like gaming victory etc.

No Explicit Content: Nudity, near-nude, and other explicit photos are not allowed.

No Referral Links: Don’t post photos that promote referral or affiliate links. Instead please use our advertising section to promote your any business.

Don’t excessively tag users in your caption: Only tag people that relate to your photo. Tagging random Epcoin users in hopes that they’ll give you likes isn’t allowed.

Post only travelling and quality photos and write story behind that photo selfie non storied photos are not allow

Commenting Rules

Don’t spam comments: If you’re pasting the same comment on different photos or tagging random users, it’s probably spam. Keep things genuine.

No Referral Links: Again, Advertising section to get set up with advertising your links in an official, more effective way.

Referral Rules

Don’t overinflate the signup bonus: When promoting Epcoin, be honest about the exact amount that people can expect for registering.

do not force people to register for just getting refer bonus. we don't need this type of people.

Don’t create fake accounts on your own referral link: We take this seriously. Share your referral link with other, real people.

Don’t pay people to register through your referral link: Paid-to-register users are not the kind of quality, real users who we want.

Withdrawal Rules

One large withdrawal request is better than multiple small ones: You’ll pay less in fees, and it makes it easier for us to process.

We aim to process all withdrawal requests within 48 hours: Withdrawals are moderated manually since we check all accounts for rule compliance. If it has been more than 48 hours, and you know you did not break any of these rules, please contact on or telegram :

If Caught Violating the Rules

We’re a forgiving team , so if you clean up your mistakes and pledge to play fair, you can continue using the site even after one of the following punishments.

Temporary Suspensions: Your account is suspended for a limited period of time. After the suspension, please remove any posts that broke the rules, and continue using the site in accordance to the rules.

Denied Withdrawal Requests: Epcoin earned while violating the rules is not subject to be withdrawn.

Deleted Account: If your account no longer exists, it was unfortunately deleted. Each account costs us money to store on our servers, so many rule-breaking accounts are let go. The data no longer exists for us to restore it. If this is the case, please consider making a new account, and play fair from the start.

Reforming to Follow the Rules

If you broke the rules to try to earn more Epcoin, we understand it. You're an ambitious person!

Recognize that the highest-earning accounts though are the ones who play fair. Many of our top users actually broke the rules in their early days, saw their errors, and came back to use Epcoin the proper way. It takes an honest and admirable person to reform like that. If you can, you're on your way to being one of our top users as well.